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TS Grewal Accountancy Class 12 Book pdf free download

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Accountancy book by Ts grewal

Hello and welcome dear friends, if you are also searching for the best book of accountancy. Then, TS grewal accountancy book for class 11th and 12th is best suited. You will happy to know that TS grewal CBSE solution pdf is also available today.

Ts Grewal Book

Being the aspirants of accountancy the interest in it is very long. Accountancy help to crack many exams like CA, ICWA etc….. Ts grewal book for accountancy is very famous among the aspirants and one of the strongest reason behind it is that ots concepts are very clearly explained and chapterwise.

Features of TS grewal Book

  1. All the chapters are explained in detail and on the basic oc latest CBSE pattern
  2. Questions for self evalution
  3. Disscussion on the current topic of aacountancy
  4. Learning parts are well highlighted
  5. Accountacy are explained with the help of flowcharts
  6. Sufficuent examples are included tomake it easy to understand
  7. Questions are given at the end of each chapter
  8. Previous year questions are available

TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy Book pdf

The book named TS grewal class 12 is totally based on the textbook of CBSE curriculum. TS grewal’s double entry book keeping accounting for not for profit organisation and partnership firms.

TS grewal class 12 Book

Highlights of TS grewal class 12 book

  • Chapterwise flowcharts in QR codes

Evalution questions


companion CD accompained with advanced level questions

Contents of Ts Grewal Class 12 Book pdf

  1. Chapter 1 – Accounting for partnership firms – fundamemtal
  2. Chapter – 2 – Goodwill – Nature and valuatipn
  3. Chapter – 3 – Change in profit
  4. Chapter -4 – Admission of a partner
  5. Chapter – 5 – Retirement / Death of a partner
  6. Chapter – 6 – Dissolution of partnership firms
  7. Chapter – 7 – company account
  8. Chapter – 8 – Accounting fir share capital
  9. Chapter – 9 – Issue of debventired
  10. Chapter – 10 – Redemption of debentures

Ts Grewal class 12 Book detail

NameTS Grewal accountancy class 12
PublicationSultan chand
No. Of pages131
Book saved onGoogle drive
Quality Good
Download linkAvailable

About TS Grewal

QualificationC.A, B. Com
kmown as Saviour for commerce students

Download Link

Link to download Ts grewal class 12 accountancy book pdf is here. Click on the download button to get the pdf now.

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