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Physics Wallah Modules pdf (PCB) Arjuna Batch free download

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Download Physics wallah Arjuna batch notes pdf that consists of the following modules :

1. Physics wallah physics modules for Arjuna batch pdf

2. Physics wallah Chemistry modules for Arjuna batch pdf

3. Physics wallah Biology modules for Arjuna Batch pdf

All the pdfs links are given below

We all are very pleased as well as wonderful to know that we are living in that era where all the the works are doing digitaly. Either it is of education or shopping everything have been going digital day by day.Its not only saves our time but also provides us better option.

If we are talking about the digital study . Then, one of the famous teacher named physics wallah who achieves his success in a very short period of time by providing his teaching on digital/online plateform i.e youtube. He started with NCERT textbook and now today he has become India’s one of the popular educator who not only teaches the class 9th,10th,11th but also NEET/AIIMS/JEE/ MEDICAL aspirants. Today, his success has become inporation for many who are really want to show their skill worldwide but due to the absence of plateform they couldn’t. But, today it is the role of digital india that anyone can share their skills worldwide. 

About Physics wallah sir:

Physics wallah who is also known as Alakh pandey was born on 2 October 1991. He is 30 years ( in 2021) old.His birth place is South Malaka, allahabad. 

Occupation : Teacher, youtuber

Nationality : Indian

Home town : Prayagraj

Religion : Hindu

Qualification : B.TECH (2015)                              

Importants facts about Alakh pandey:

* Alakh pandey is a famous indian youtuber who is popular by the name physics wallah among the neet as well as jee aspirats.

* He belongs to a poor family (earlier) and has faced many difficulties in his life.

* Alakh pandey started his youtube channel on 27 Jan 2014 by Physics wallah name.

* In starting he taught the NCERT TEXTBOOK of physics, chemistry, biology of class 10th, class 11th & 12th.

* After sometime he also started to teach NEET & JEE aspirants.

You can also Download : 

Physics wallah NEET in 45 days Phy pdf


Physics wallah Arjuna Chemistry modules pdf :

Chapter Name (Class 11) PDF Download Link
Some Basic Concept Of Chemistry Click Here
States of Matter Click Here
Atomic Structure Click Here
Periodic Classification Click Here
Chemical Bonding Click Here

Physics wallah Arjuna Biology modules pdf :

Chapter Name (Class 11) PDF Download Link
Digestion And Absorption Click Here
Structural Organisation In Animals Click Here
Cell: The unit of life Click Here
Body Fluids And It’s Circulation Click Here
Breathing and Exchange Of Gases Click Here
Living World Click Here
Biological Classification Click Here

Physics wallah Arjuna physics modules pdf :

Chapter Name (Class 11) PDF Download Link
units and measurements Click Here
Motion in A straight line Click Here
Motion In A Plane Click Here
Laws of Motion Click Here

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