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Nitu singh Vol 1 English book pdf KD Campus free download

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Download English book by Nitu Singh Vol 1 pdf useful for general competitions exam.

This Neetu Singh English Book and volume 1 PDF is beneficial for all those candidates who are preparing for the exam, all of you must have seen the above unit which has been explained to you in four parts, if you have not understood then we will give you another Example Part-A (Foundation Module), Part B- Verbal Ability, Part C and Part D-Practical is well explained in this Grammar.

Scroll down to get Nitu Singh Vol 1 English book pdf.

Nitu Singh Book :

This is the English book for general competitions exam. In Nitu Singh Volume 1 book pdf all the grammar section is covered.

              Pic : Nitu Singh English Book pdf

About Neetu Singh volume 1 pdf book

Book Name – Neetu Singh book pdf volume 1

Author Name- Neetu Singh

Publication – KD Campus

Format- PDF

Saved on : Google drive

Size-14 MB

Pages- 443

Quality : Good



Contents of neetu singh volume 1 pdf 

Verb (Basic) 


Passive voice


Question tag 

Subject verb agreement 

Conditional sentence Verb (advance) 








Words Often Confused & Misused  Vocabularies 

Synonyms (Practice Set)  

Antonyms (Practice Set)

One Word Substitution 

One Word Substitution (Practice Set)  

Idioms & Phrases- 1  

Idioms & Phrases- 2 

Idioms & Phrases (Practice Set) 

Features of Nitu Singh Book :

1. There are total 24 chapters

2. The grammatical rules of every chapter explained in a detailed way with an example.

3. 10 new chapters are included

4. Practice sets are given

Link to download Nitu Singh English book volume 1 pdf is given below. Click on the download button to get the pdf.

Linknis Here 👇👇👇👇

Download Book Pdf

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