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Black Book of English Vocabulary 2022 by Nikhil Sir free pdf download in google drive

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Download Nikhil Sir Black book of English Vocabulary pdf free download useful for various competitive exam.

Nikhil sir black book of English Voacabulary is one of the best book suggested by the toppers. It is helful for competitive exams and interviews.

This book contains a comprehensive list of words that are commonly used in every exam. Every word given in black book of english vocabulary is in an alphabetical order. Here, the simple and brief explnations of words are given that is easy to understand.

Scroll down to get Nikhil Sir Black book pdf.

Black Book of English Vocabulary :

This book is very useful fir the competitive exam like SSC, CGL, CHSL,CPO,MTS etc……It is one of the topper’s choice book.Here, You can easily download black book by Nikhil sir book pdf.

                   Blackbook of English vocabulary

Features of Black book by Nikhil Sir :

1. 3500+ previius year ows.

2. 1100 idoms and phrases.

3. 4000 synonyms, antonyms, spellings

4. 1000 root words

5. 500 phrasal verbs

6.2100 special word list

7. 100 practice sets

8. Total 11000+ words, with english/ hindi explanations

Make your Vocabulary strong :

1. Read a lot : 

As we know that practice makes a man perfect. This is the reason if we read more and more english words more we get the knowledge of the words, it makes our vocabulary strong.

2. Use flashcards :

Flashcards will help you memorise words. It help to learn also the new words.

3. Listen to TED talks :

TED talks are filled with words you’d never encounter in a maths or science class.

4. Use a language app:

In the modern era there is a lot of apps that help to learn the new language. Downloading language app will help you a lot.

Book Detail :

Name : Black book of English Vocanpbulary by Nikhil sir

Publication : Rakesh yadav Reader

Language : English

No. Of pages : 511

Quality : Good

Book saved in the form of : pdf

Links to download Black book of english vocab by Nikhil sir is given below. Click on the download button to get the pdf now.

Link is Here 👇👇👇👇

Download Book Pdf

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