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The complete Vocabulary Volume 1 by Jaideep Sir Book pdf

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Download the complete vocabulary volume 1 book by Jaideep Sir pdf free download in google drive. It is published by Rakesh Yadav’s Readers Publication.

Scroll down to get the complete vocabulary book by Jaideep sir pdf.

Jaideep Sir Complete vocabulary Book :

There are many books of English vocabulary is available on online as well as offline plateform.But, in the complete vocabulary by jaideep sir vol 1, the detailed explanation of each and every vocab is given that makes the students easier to understand and learn.

Highlights of the complete vocabulary Book :

1. Most repeated synonyms and antonyms in competitive exam.

2. All synonyms asked in the exam.

3. Examwise synonyms asked in recent exam

4. All antonyms asked in the exam

5. Synonyms and antonyms practice sets with detailed explanation.

Importance of Vocabulary : 

The importance of english vacab can’t be ignored. As we all know that one of the reason behind weak english & strong english is vocab collection. It is found that if a person’s English vocab is good then the probability of person’s good English inreased. Therefore, the role of English vocabulary in english grammar as well as English literature cann’t ignore. 

Book information:

Name : The complete vocabulary vol 1 book pdf

Publication : Rakesh yadav readers

Useful for : ssc cgl, chsl, railway, army etc…

Pages : 305

Language : English

Page quality : good

Saved in form of  : pdf

Make your Vocabulary strong :

1. Read a lot : 

As we know that practice makes a man perfect. This is the reason if we read more and more english words more we get the knowledge of the words, it makes our vocabulary strong.

2. Use flashcards :

Flashcards will help you memorise words. It help to learn also the new words.

3. Listen to TED talks :

TED talks are filled with words you’d never encounter in a maths or science class.

4. Use a language app:

In the modern era there is a lot of apps that help to learn the new language. Downloading language app will help you a lot.

You can also download :

Jaideep sir English book pdf

Black book of Eng Vocabulary by Nikhil sir pdf


LINKS to download The complete English Vocabulary book pdf by jaideep sir is given below. Click on the download button to get the pdf now.

Links is Here 👇👇👇👇

Download Pdf

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