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Aakash Success Magnet for IIT JEE Mains Pdf free download

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Download Aakash Success Magnet modules for IIT & JEE MAINS & ADVANCED pdf free download.

Scroll down to get aakash success magnet pdf.

Aakash Success Magnet Module:

Aakash success magnet is very good books for a IIT jee advance and it’s designed in a very lucid manner , each topic given good importance and a huge variety of question to solve ……

                  Pic :  Aakash Success Magnet

Success achiever and Success magnet play an important role in IIT jee preparation. Success achiever is for jee mains and Success magnet is for jee advanced . Success achiever can help you to solve jee mains paper and some part of jee advanced. But if you solve success magnet ( which is for jee advanced) there is a high chance for selection in IIT . It is also very useful for other competitive exams. But it is tough to solve success magnet as the problems are of advanced level and it requires a lot of problem solving skills.you should first try to solve module i.e targets then go for other books like achievers and magnet.

Features of Success Magnet :

  • Success magnet is a versatile and success worthy package containing 2680 questions based on IIT JEE pattern.
  • It is a blend of expertise and experience of faculty of Aakash IIT JEE and an ascent of JEE aspirants.
  • There are 100+ questions multiple choice pattern, 428 questions on assertion and reason pattern, 153 Matrix match type questions, 456 questions on comprehension, 223 subjective questions 114 integer answer type question and 550 multiple true false type questions.
  • The questions have been frame chapter wise so as to help students feel confident about every chapter.
  • In the last, miscellaneous questions are also given which are based upon the concept on two or more than two chapters.
  • The answers of these questions are also provided at the end.

Aakash Institute:

Let’s know about ASEL

Aakash Educational Services Limited (ASEL) is one of the leading educational institution. It provides many facilities to its neet, jee,board,KVPY,NTSE, olympiads aspirants such as preparatory coatching , comprehensive test services.

In 1988, it is started as a single centre by MR JC Chaudhary and today it has developed. About 200+aakash centres and a student has to pay more than 250,000.

Aakash institute  is also famous as Aakash medical, aakash iit-jee and aakash foudations.

Aakash medical:

For more than 31 years, aakash medical has been nurturing the aspirants of neet and aiims and various competitive exams.

Aakash IIT-JEE

In 2007, Aakash iit-jee prepares the students for jee exam. Through its integrated teaching methodology and technology based education aakash iit jee provides cutting edge educational solutions that helps students to excel in their goals.

You can also Download :

Aakash catalysts NEET packages pdf

Links to download aakash success magnet for IIT & JEE is given below. Click on the download button to get the pdf.

Link is Here 👇👇👇👇

Download the Pdf

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