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Aakash Mind Map ( PHY + CHY + BIO ) Pdf free download

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Download Aakash NCERT Mind Maps pdf for both neet and jee examination. All the links are given below chapterwise. Click on the download button to get the desired pdf.

scroll down to get aakash NCERT Mind Maps pdf.

Aakash Institute:

Let’s know about ASEL

Aakash Educational Services Limited (ASEL) is one of the leading educational institution. It provides many facilities to its neet, jee,board,KVPY,NTSE, olympiads aspirants such as preparatory coatching , comprehensive test services.

In 1988, it is started as a single centre by MR JC Chaudhary and today it has developed. About 200+aakash centres and a student has to pay more than 250,000.

Aakash institute  is also famous as Aakash medical, aakash iit-jee and aakash foudations.

Aakash medical:

For more than 31 years, aakash medical has been nurturing the aspirants of neet and aiims and various competitive exams.

                     Pic : Aakash NCERT Maps pdf

Aakash IIT-JEE

In 2007, Aakash iit-jee prepares the students for jee exam. Through its integrated teaching methodology and technology based education aakash iit jee provides cutting edge educational solutions that helps students to excel in their goals.

Aakash foundations:

It is the branch of aakash in which the aspirants of junior classes students prepare for various competitive exam and scholarship exams such as NTSE, Olympiads etc… and also for board exams.

Aakash foundation became functional in 2009.it is also know as the youngest division of ASEL.

Programs & Services

Aakash institute provides its services through classrooms, digital and distance learning programs (DLP).

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All the links to download aakashNcert mind maps pdf is given below. Click on the highlighted part to get the desired pdfs.

Links are here 👇👇👇👇

Download Aakash Physics Mind Map :

Mind Map Part 1

Mind map part 2

Download Aakash Chemistry Mind map pdf :


  • Some Basic Concept of Chemistry
  • Atomic structure
  • Classification Of Elements
  • Chemical Bonding
  • States Of Matter
  • Chapter 5: States of Matter
  • Chapter 6: Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 7: Equilibrium
  • Chapter 8: Redox Reactions
  • Chapter 9: Hydrogen
  • Chapter 10: The s-Block Elements
  • Chapter 11: The p-Block Elements

Mind Map part 1


  • Chapter 1: The Solid State
  • Chapter 2: Solutions
  • Chapter 3: Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 4: Chemical Kinetics
  • Chapter 5: Surface Chemistry
  • Chapter 6: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • Chapter 7: The p-Block Elements
  • Chapter 8: The d & f Block Elements
  • Chapter 9: Coordination Compounds
  • Chapter 10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Chapter 11: Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
  • Chapter 12: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids
  • Chapter 13: Amines
  • Chapter 14: Biomolecules
  • Principal Of Qualitative Analysis
  • Chapter 16: Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles & Techniques
  • Chapter 17: Hydrocarbons
  • Chapter 18: Environmental Chemistry

Mind Map Part 2

Download Aakash Biology Mind map pdf :


Chap. 1: The Living World.

Chapter 2: Biological Classification.

Chapter 3: Plant Kingdom.

Chapter 4: Animal Kingdom.

Chapter 5: Morphology of Flowering Plants.

Mind Map part 1


Chapter 6 : Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter 7 : Structural Organisation in Animals

Chapter 8 : Cell The Unit of Life

Chapter 9 : Biomolecules

Chapter 10 : Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chapter 11:  Transport in Plants

Mind Map part 2


Chapter 12 : Mineral Nutrition

Chapter 13 : Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Chapter 14 : Respiration in Plants

Chapter 15 : Plant Growth and Development

Mind Map part 3

Download Aakash Botany mind map pdf :


Chapter 1 : Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter 2 :  Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 3 : Human Reproduction

Chapter 4 : Reproductive Health

Chapter 5 : Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Chapter 6 : Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Mind Map For Botany

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