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RD Sharma objective mathematics class 11 vol1 vol1 vol 2 pdf free download

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Download Rd Sharma class 11 maths book pdf. Useful for board as well as competitive exams.

Scroll down to get the pdf of RD sharma mathematics book.

About RD Sharma:

Rd Sharma is a prominent mathematician, educator and author of many textbooks. The name RD sharma is enough to make feel the students a better concepts of mathematics. The full name of Rd sharma is Ravi Dutt Sharma.

He was born in Rajasthan. He belongs to amiddle class family. His father was a farmer.Sharma was not allowded to sleep until he recite the table upto 40.

Objective RD sharma maths book information:

Name : RD sharna mathematics book

Author : RD sharma

Publications: Dhanpat Rai

No of pages in vol 1 : 180

No. of pages in vol 2 : 184

Language : English

Book saved in the form of : pdf

Pdf saved on : Google drive

Pdf size : 75 MB

Quality : Good

Contents of objective mathematics class 11 by RD Sahrama:

Objective Mathematics By RD Sharma Part 1 Objective Mathematics By RD Sharma Part 2
Algebraic inequalities. Trigonometric ratio and identities.
Logarithms. Properties of triangle and circles connected with them.
Miscellaneous equation and in equations. Trigonometric equations and in equations.
Logarithms. Solution of triangles
Mathematical reasoning. Inverse trigonometry function.
Set Heights and Distances
Cartesian product of set and relations. Real Functions
Inequalities. Limits
Mathematical induction. Continuity and differentiability
Complex number Differentiation
Probability Tangents and normal
Sequence and series Derivative as a rate measure.
Functions Differentials Errors and Approximations.
Quadratic expressions and equations. Mean Value theorem
Exponential and logarithmic series. Increasing and Decreasing Functions.
Permutation and combination. Maxima & Minima
Matrices Indefinite Integral
Determinants Definite Integral
Discrete probability distribution. Area of Bounded Curve
Binomial theorem. Differential Equations
Cartesian coordinate system. Algebra of Vectors
Straight lines. Scalar and Vector products of Two Vectors.
Circle Scalar and Vector products of Three Vectors.
Pairs of straight lines. The plain and Straight line in Space.
Parabola Measures of central tendency.
Ellipse Measures of Dispersion.

All the links yo download rd sharma class 11 vol 1 & vol 2 is given below. You can easily download the rd sharma book pdf by clicking on the download buttom.

Links are hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Download vol-1 pdf

Download vol-2 pdf

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