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Physics wallah biology notes pdf for NEET AIIMS class 11 class 12 -Alakh pandey

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Download Biology notes pdf by Physics Wallah/ Alakh pandey. Useful for NEET/AIIMS/CLASS 11 / CLASS 12.

Scroll down to get the physics wallah biology notes pdf.

About Alakh Pandey :

Alakh pandey, the very popular teacher of different subjects is also know as Physics wallah. The hometown of Alakh Pandey sir is Prayagraj , Uttar Pradesh. He got his popularity through his youtube channel. Millons of  subscribers have subscribed his channel and influnced by his teaching style and skill. The way he teaches the students is incredible. Various notes of Physics wallah is famous among the NEET/ AIIMS/JEE MAINS & ADVANCED aspirantS. Some of the name of  popular notes of physics wallah/ Alak pandey is given as:

1. Physics wallah chemistry notes pdf

2. Physics wallah physics notes pdf

3. Physics wallah biology notes pdf

4. Physics wallah ( chemistry + Physics ) notes pdf

5. Physics wallah handwritten notes pdf.

Download : Aakash study material package pdf

DownloadAakash booster series pdf

Importants facts about Alakh pandey:

* Alakh pandey is a famous indian youtuber who is popular by the name physics wallah among the neet as well as jee aspirats.

* He belongs to a poor family (earlier) and has faced many difficulties in his life.

* Alakh pandey started his youtube channel on 27 Jan 2014 by Physics wallah name.

* In starting he taught the NCERT TEXTBOOK of physics, chemistry, biology of class 10th, class 11th & 12th.

* After sometime he also started to teach NEET & JEE aspirants.

                        Pic – Alakh pandey/ physics wallah

you can also Download : 

Physics wallah Arjuna modules pdf

Physics wallah notes class 11 pdf

Physics wallah notes class 12 chy pdf

Mtg ncert at your fingure tips chy pdf

We all are very pleased as well as wonderful to know that we are living in that era where all the the works are doing digitaly. Either it is of education or shopping everything have been going digital day by day.Its not only saves our time but also provides us better option.

If we are talking about the digital study . Then, one of the famous teacher named physics wallah who achieves his success in a very short period of time by providing his teaching on digital/online plateform i.e youtube. He started with NCERT textbook and now today he has become India’s one of the popular educator who not only teaches the class 9th,10th,11th but also NEET/AIIMS/JEE/ MEDICAL aspirants. Today, his success has become inporation for many who are really want to show their skill worldwide but due to the absence of plateform they couldn’t. But, today it is the role of digital india that anyone can share their skills worldwide. 

All the links of physics wallah biology notes pdf is given here. There are total 22 physics wallah biology chapterwise notes pdf. You have to simply click on the name of the desired chapter to get the respective notes pdf of physics wallah.

Links are hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


The above physics wallah biology pdf in hindi and english  is neither scanned nor zeroxed. It is simply share you the links that are already available on the internet. Therefore, incase of any issues comment to our comment section we immediately try to solve this.We are very glad to know that many students are helped by our shared pdfs.we always try to give our best and hope that students don’t face more problems in searching of their prestigious pdfs or study materials. We are always ready to help.
Thank you!

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