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Aakash rapid revision biology book pdf free download

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Download Aakash rapid revision biology booklet pdf for neet, aiims and other competitive exams.

Scroll down to get the aakash biology rapid revision book pdf.

As we all know that in biology there are lots of formulas to remember and understand. Only the whole study of biology is not sufficient to crack exam.It is necessary to remember its formulas for a longer time atleast till the exam so that you can solve the given questions within the time given. Therefore, the formula collection of biology that is well known as aakash rapid revision biology formula bank is beneficial. Being the student you all know that after a particular time it becomes difficult to remember the formulas if the formulas are not revisied and this results in weak result. Hence aakash rapid revision biology formula bank will help you to remember all the formulas regarding physics for a long time as this book has a vast collection of all the formulas of class 11 th and class 12th including ncert textbook.you should read aakash biology formula bank pdf.

Aakash biology rapid revision formula book is very helpful for neet aspirants.

Booklet information:

Name : Aakash rapid revision biology book pdf

Language : English

Book saved in the form of : pdf

Pdfsaved on : Google drive

Pdf size : 54 MB

No. of pages : 106

Quality : Good

Aakash Institute:

Let’s know about ASEL

Aakash Educational Services Limited (ASEL) is one of the leading educational institution. It provides many facilities to its neet, jee,board,KVPY,NTSE, olympiads aspirants such as preparatory coatching , comprehensive test services.

In 1988, it is started as a single centre by MR JC Chaudhary and today it has developed. About 200+aakash centres and a student has to pay more than 250,000.

Aakash institute  is also famous as Aakash medical, aakash iit-jee and aakash foudations.

Aakash medical:

For more than 31 years, aakash medical has been nurturing the aspirants of neet and aiims and various competitive exams.

Aakash IIT-JEE

In 2007, Aakash iit-jee prepares the students for jee exam. Through its integrated teaching methodology and technology based education aakash iit jee provides cutting edge educational solutions that helps students to excel in their goals.

Aakash foundations:

It is the branch of aakash in which the aspirants of junior classes students prepare for various competitive exam and scholarship exams such as NTSE, Olympiads etc… and also for board exams.

Aakash foundation became functional in 2009.it is also know as the youngest division of ASEL.

Programs & Services

Aakash institute provides its services through classrooms, digital and distance learning programs (DLP).

You can also Download:

Link to download aakash biology formula bank pdf  is given below. Click on the download buttom to get the pdf of the booklet.

Link is hereπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Download the booklet pdf

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