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Physical geography by savindra singh book pdf free download in google drive

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Download physical geography book pdf authorised by Savindra Singh.Important for UPSC and other civil services examination preparation.

Scroll down to get savindra singh physical grography upsc book pdf

Savindra singh biography:-

He was born on 10 july 1944, in Gazipur district of Uttar Pradesh.

There are many books written by Savindra singh. Some of them are:-

1. Geomorphology and environment :-

  Its 9th edition published between 1989 and 2004 in english.

2. Environmental geography :-

 Its 4th edition published between 1991 and 1997 in English language.

3. Physical geography :-

 Its 4th edition published in 1998 and 2020 i  english language.

4. Geomorphology :-

 Its 3rd edition published in 1998 and 2000 in english language.

                         Pic:- Physical geography savindra singh 

Book information:-

Name : Physical geography by Savindra singh

Publication : Pravalik publications, Allahabad

Useful for : UPSC , Civil service exams, other competitive exam

Language : English

No. Of pages : 55

Pdf size : 12 MB

Book download in the form of : Pdf

Pdf saved on : Google drive

Quality : Good

Features :-

There are various books of physical geography is available.But, if we are talking about savindra singh’s  physical geography book then it is outstanding. There are some special qualities in this book that makes it differ from  other books of physical geography. The qualities of this book is as:-

1. All the topics of this book is given in the form of flowcharts &  diagrams.

2. All important points regarding the topic is included in flowchart.

                        Pic :- Glimpse of flowcharts

3. The book content is very colourful and expressive.

4. It helps to build good concept of physical geography.

5. It is not too much long. The total number of pages is only 55.

Contents of physical geography:-

1. Origin of the earth

2. Structure of the earth

3. Rotation of the earth

4. Revolution of the earth

5. Seasons

6. Latitude and longitude

7. Time and international rate

8. Classification of rocks 

9. Mountains

10. Plateau


12. Volcanism

13.seismic waves

14. Earthquakes

15. Volcanic landforms

16. Branches of geography

17. Weathering

18. Soil erosion

19. Continental drift

20. Plate techtonics

21. Rivers

22. Underground water and landforms

23. Wind and sea waves landforms

24. Glaciers and landforms

25. Ocean basin and sb marine relief

26. Ocean salinity

27. Ocean temperature

28. Tides

29. Ocean currents

30. Currents of atlantic ocean

31. Composition of atmosphere

32. Structure of atmosphere

33. Insolation

34. Heat budget

35. Temperature distribution

36. Factors responsible for unven distribution of temperature

37. Distribution of atmospheric pressure

38. Pressurebelts

39. Winds

40. Plantery winds

41. Periodic and local winds

42. Cyclones.

Link to download physical geography by savindra singh is given below. Click on “download now” buttom to get the book pdf in google drive.

Link is here 👇👇

Download book pdf now 


The above pdf physical geography by savindra singh  is neither scanned nor zeroxed. It is simply share you the links that are already available on the intenet. Therefore, incase of any issues comment to our comment section we immediately try to solve this.We are very glad to know that many students are helped by our shared notes pdf.we always try to give our best and hope that students don’t face more problems in searching of their prestigious notes or study materials. We are always ready to help.

Thank you!

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