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Download Gagan Pratap math classnotes pdf free download

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Download Gagan Pratap maths class notes for various competitive exams such as SSC/CGL/CHSL/CPO/CDS/CETand other competitive exams.

Continue till end to get the the links of pdfs.

Gagan pratap maths classnotes:

Being the aspirant of general competition exam you all know the importance of accuracy and most important time management factor.Many time due to the absence of time students cannot attempt the question even they know the solution. Therefore, in general competiotion the time factor shoud not ignored.Students can do all the questions of competitive exam within the given time if they solved the questions by trick.

If we are talking about tricks of mathematics or the fast calculation method for general competiotion exam  then, the mathematics class notes of gagan sir is very helpful.

I hope this book pdf will help you.

Gagan Sir Biography:

You will wonderful to know that Gagan sir also belongs to a middle class family. His famliar situation was not so good.He got only R.S 5000 for his expenditure. He completed B.Tech and that time he had offererd Rs.25,000 sallary job.But, he rejected it and decided to be famous educator and continued his struggle in the field of teaching. Due to his short tricks and concepts he got succeed. And today he is considered as  one of the best teacher in the field of general competition.Today, his notes is available on both online and ofljne plattform. He has also joined youtube.And today millions of students have subscribed his channel and influenced by his teaching.

                          Glimpse of gagan pratap classnotes


The mathematics book or classnotes of gagan sir contains various types of questions that are asked in the competitive exams.

This book has a lot of tricks to solve the questions quickly.

The printing que quality  is very good or colourful.

Both the arthematics and advanced maths chapters are given.

All the links of gagan sir maths class notes is given below

You can download your desired one by clicking on ‘download’ now buttom.

Download Links:-

All the links of gagan pratap sir maths book is given below. All the questions of these pdfs have given in both language english language and hindi language. So that if the students are from either hindi medium or english medium can easily understand the contents. 

DownloadGagan pratap mock test & sample paper pdf

Arithmetic PDF by Gagan Pratap sir (गगन प्रताप सर अंकगणित)

Download now

DI By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर डी. आई.)

Download now

Algebra PDF By Gagan Pratap Sir Part- 1 (गगन प्रताप सर बीजगणित)

Download now

Algebra PDF by Gagan Pratap Sir Part- 2 (गगन प्रताप सर बीजगणित)

Download now

Height & Distance, Trigonometry by Gagan Pratap Sir (ऊंचाई और दूरी, त्रिकोणमिति गगन प्रताप सर)

Download now

Geometry by Gagan Pratap Sir Part – 1 गगन प्रताप सर ज्यामिति

  Download now

Geometry by Gagan Pratap Sir Part- 2 (गगन प्रताप सर ज्यामिति भाग-2)

Download now

Geometry by Gagan Pratap Sir New (गगन प्रताप सर ज्यामिति नई किताब)

Download now

Menstruation By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर मेंसुरेशन)
Download now

Polygon by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर बहुभुज)

Download now

Profit & Loss by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर लाभ और हानि)
Download now

Orthocenter By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर लंब केंद्र)

Download now

Cylinder By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर बेलन)
Download now

Circumcenter by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर परिकेंद्र)

Download now

Cricle by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर वृत्त)
Download now

Geometry Triangle by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर रेखागणित)

Download now

You can also download rakesh yadav classnotes pdfs given below:

If, you are beginner then, this book i.e rakesh yadav maths book is best suited to you because in this book every question has solved in a very deatiled way.In other word the step by step calculations are given.Therefore, students can easily understand the solutions by self.

Click below to download:-

Download rakesh yadav maths book pdf


The above pdfs of Gagan pratap classnotes maths book pdf is neither scanned nor zerox. It is simply share you the links that are already available on the intenet. Therefore, incase of any issues comment to our comment section we immediately try to solve this.We are very glad to know that many students are helped by these notes.we always try to give our best and hope that students don’t face more problems in searching of their prestigious notes or study materials. We are always ready to help.

Thank you!

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Percentage notes pdf by gagan sir
Profit and loss notes pdf by gagan sir
Simple jnterest notes pdf by gagan sir
compound interest notes pdf by gagan sir
Trigonometry notes pdf by gagan sir
Time and work notes pdf by gagan sir
Pipe and cisterne notes pdf by gagan sir
Mensturation notes pdf by gagan sir
Mixture and alligation notes pdf by gagan sir

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