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Abhinay sir math book pdf arthematics and advance math free download in google drive

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Download competitive mathematics by Abhinay Sharma book pdf. Both arthematic and advance math book pdfs links are available here. Useful for all upcoming competitive exams.

Continue till end to get competitive mathematics by abhinay sir pdf.

Abhinay sir biography :

Always encouraging the students by saying ” waqt badalta hai, aur phir badlega, sara jahan apna hoga” one and only Abinay sharma was born on 1990 in Bundel.

He has qualified UPSC exam prelims ( 2 times) & crack the CGL exam ( 5 times) by his self study i.e without joining any institution.

Now he has bcome very popular on youtube for his teaching style and concepts. His channel has completed about 1M+ subscribers worldwide.

He has faced many difficulties in his life. But, he never stoped. And for getting success a continues practice and burning desire  is very important .

The earlier background of Abhinay sharma sir was not good. His earlier economic condition was not so good that he could join a good school for better education. But, his unlimited dedication towards study made him success day by  day. 

There were very little number of schools in Abhinay’s village.The villagrs were not concern more about the education.Hence, the educational life of Abhinay sharma sir was very struggling and inspiring.

In 2012, he had published complete book of adavnce math by Abhinay Sharma.

                               Pic :- Abhinay sir maths book



Adda maths book pdf

All the pdfs links of Abhinay sir maths class notes id given below. Click on the “download” buttom to get the desired pdf. All the chapters pdfs are given separately. Both the section of maths i.e arthematic and advance math by abhinay sir is given here. 

Link is here👇👇👇

Let’s download!

Chapter – 1. Number System by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर संख्या पद्धति)


Chapter -2. Average by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर औसत)


Chapter -3. Time, Speed, Distance by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर समय, दूरी, चाल)


Chapter – 4. Time and Work by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर समय तथा काम)


Chapter -5. Simple Interest by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर साधारण ब्याज)


Chapter -6. LCM & HCF by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर लoसo,मoसo)


Chapter -7.Compoud Interest by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज)


Chapter – 8. Geometry by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर ज्यामिति)


Chapter – 9. Co-ordinate Geometry by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर निर्देशांक ज्यामिति


Chapter – 10. Percentage by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर प्रतिशतता)


Chapter -11. Algebra by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर बीजगणित)


Chapter -12. Profit & Loss by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर लाभ और हानि)


Chapter -13. Trigonometry by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर त्रिकोणमिति)


Chapter -14. Partnership by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर साझेदारी)


Chapter -15. Boat and Streams by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर नाव और धारा)


Chapter -16. Pipe and Cistern (अभिनय सर नल और टंकी)


Chapter – 17. Mixure & Alligation by Abhinay Sir (अभिनय सर मिश्रण)



The above pdfs of abhinay sir math classnotes pdf in hindi and english  is neither scanned nor zeroxed. It is simply share you the links that are already available on the internet. Therefore, incase of any issues comment to our comment section we immediately try to solve this.We are very glad to know that many students are helped by our shared pdfs.we always try to give our best and hope that students don’t face more problems in searching of their prestigious pdfs or study materials. We are always ready to help.

Thank you!

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