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B.SC all subjects notes pdf free download

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Download b.sc  1st year/2nd year/3rd year notes pdf for the board examination.

All the links are given below, continue till the end

B.SC Notes:

As we know that B.sc is completed in 3 years . B.SC Notes for part-1,part-2 and part-3 is benificial gor the graduation degree. 
In the 1st year there are 2 honours papers -paper1 & paper2, In the second year of graduation honours paper-3 & paper-4 is included and at last i  the third year of graduation honours paper-5, paper-6 & paper-7 are included.

Links are ready 👇👇👇👇



Inorganic Chemistry

Click Here to download

Organic Chemistry

Click Here to download

Physical Chemistry

Click Here to download

Zoology – 1

Click Here to download

Zoology – 2

Click Here to download

Zoology – 3

Click Here to download 

Botany -1

Click Here to download

Botany – 2

Click Here to download

Botany – 3

Click Here to download

B.SC Zoology notes 

Download B.sc paper 1 Non-chordata notes pdf

Download B.Sc Paper 2 Cell and molecular biology notes pdf

Download B.sc Paper 3 Genetics,Taxonomy,Evolution notes pdf

B.SC Chemistry notes

The chemistry notes pdf is divided so that you can easily download your required pdfs.It is divided in Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry & physical chemistry.you have to only click on the download button and then go to the next site’s pages and finally download.

Download B.sc paper 1 Inorganic chemistry notes pdf

Download b.sc organic chemistry part-1 notes pdf 

Download b.sc organic chemistry part-2 notes pdf

Download b.sc physical chemistry part-1 notes pdf

Download b.sc physical chemistry part-2 notes pdf

B.SC Botany Notes

 Download Botany Paper 1 – Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology 

Download Botany Paper 2 – Phycology and Bryology

Download Botany Paper 3 – Pteridology, Gymnosperms and Pale botany

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B.sc organic notes pdf
B.sc physical chemistry notes pdf
Zoology paper 5 notes pdf
Zoology paper 6 notes pdf
Zoology paper 7 notes pdf
Botany notes pdf

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