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Xamidea physics, chemistry, biology pdf for class 12th free download

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Download the free xamidea  physics for class 12th

Download the free xamidea  chemistry for class 12th

Download the free xamidea  biology for class 12th


Download the free  xamidea  biology for NEET

Download the free xamidea  chemistry for NEET

Download the free xamidea physics for NEET

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Introduction of xamidea book

It is clear from the name ‘xamidea’ that the book gives a good idea about the exam’s question pattern. It is based on totally CBSE curriculum. The latest questions of physics, chemisrty and biology  are available in xamidea physics book for class 12th, xamidea chemistry for class 12th, xamidea biology for class 12th respectively. Students who are preparing for neet can also use this book. It is found that xamidea book for neet is benifical for the neet aspirants. As this book contains various types of questions and their answers in easy words so that students can easily read and understand . The theoretical questions are arranged in short answer questions, long answer questions, and very long answer questions.

Xamidea physics book class 12

                            Glimpse of xamidea physics class 12

The xamidea physics book class 12th has following features which is given below
 * xamidea physics previous years questions for class 12th are available in this book. Students can practice these questions which help them to draw a basic idea of question and the question pattern which is asked in examination.
* xamidea physics model question paper is also include in this book. But, the model question papers are unsolved . It is given to students only to see the question level asked in the examination.
* The book xamidea physics for neet includes many and more MCQ questions and assertion reason questions.
* In xamidea physics book you also get selected NCERT textbook and exemplar problems.

Contents of xamidea physics class 12

Group A

 * Electric charges and fields.

 * Electomagnetic potential and capcitance

 * Current electricity

 * Moving charge and magnetism

 *Electric charges and  Magnetism and matter

 * Electronagnetic induction

 * Electromagnetic wave

 * Alternating current

 * Ray optics and optical instruments

 * Wave optics

 * Dual nature of matter and radiations

 * Atoms

 * Nuclei

 * Electromagnetic devices

 * Communication system

 Group B

 * CBSE sample question paper

 * CBSE examination paper

 * Blue print

 * Modle question paper

Here, is the link to download xamidea physics pdf for clas 12 is given :-

Introduction of xamidea chemistry book class 12

xamidea chemistry book class 12 is very popular among NEET aspirants . It is very helpful for the students who wants to build a strong concept of chemistry for neet or other competitive or acadmic exams.xamidea chemistry book for class 12th contains previous year question papers which helps the student to draw a basic idea about the question paattern. Many a difficult formulas of chemisrty is sumarised  in xamidea chemistry book for neet. 

                         Glimpse of xamidea chemistry book class 12

Contents of xamidea chemistry class 12 

* The Solid State

* Solutions

* Electrochemistry

* Chemical kinetics

* Surface chemisrty

* General principles and processes of isolation of elements

* The p-block elements

* The d-and f- block elements

* Coordination compounds

* Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

* Alcohols, Phenols and Ether

* Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acid

* Amines

* Biomolecules

* Polymers

* Chemistry in everyday life

Here is the link to download xamidea chemistry pdf for class 12 is given :-

Introduction of xamidea biology book for class 12

xamidea biology book consists of chapterwise and pointwise answer of all the questions. Both the subjective and objective questions are guven in the xamidea biology book for neet.It covers all the chapters which is given in NCERT textbook. Xamidea biology previous year questions are also given. The answer of the questions are given pointwisely. Flowchart and diagrams are used in xamidea biology book for neet that make it easy to understand and learn. You can buy Xamideau biology book based on CBSE curriculum from amazon, flipcart and other.

  Glimpse of xamidea biology as per latest cbse course structure

The link to download xamidea biology book for class 12 is given below:-
Click here to download xamidea biology book padf for class 12 in google drive

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