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Trueman’s Biology Pdf vol 1 and vol 2 for class 11 and 12

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Download the Trueman’s biology book pdf vol 1 and vol 2 for NEET, class 11th and 12th

Hello, and welcome my dear friends. Without taking your more time I want to share the information about Trueman elementary biology for class 11th and 12th.

 Here you get not only the features of the trueman biology book but also the pdf of trueman elementary biology vol 1 and vol 2 for class 11th and 12th. If you are also preparing for neet then trueman biology pdf for neet helps you a lot. So, friends its time to know about the book. 

To get the pdf of Truman’s biology vol 1 and vol 2, continue till the end.

Introduction of Trueman’s biology book

M.P Tyagi and K.N Bhatiya have jointly written this book.One of the author of this book Mr. M Tayagi is an ex-professor at Arya college Ludhiana, Punjab in India. He is the head of zoology department at  Arya college. 
Treman’s book is published in two volumes.The Trueman elemantary biology vol 1 includes the syllabus of class 11th and the trueman elemantary biology vol 2 includes the syllabus of class 12th. It publishes many a book for competetive as well as academic examinations. Students for PCB stream are also recommended for this book.

Features of Trueman’s biology book

* This book contains mcq questions chapterwise.
*The questions and answers are arranged in easy to hard level. If student, cover all the questions then they will able to build a  clear concept on the chapter which is very nececcary for Exams like NEET, AIIMS, JIMPER etc…

* Each chapter contains 250-300 mcqs. This helps the student to memorise thieir concept more strongly. 

*  Many a topics of this book is explained through diagrams and flowcharts. It helps you to draw a good idea about the topic. If you only memorise or understand the diagram you will find that it becomes easy for you to clear your concepts.
* This book covers all the NCERT Textbook biology topics.so, you need not worry about the NCERT. The knowledge provided in this book is more than in ncert and much more questions are given for your practise. For the exam view questions practise is very important .

Chapters in Trueman’s elementary Biology book:


  * Reproduction in organisms
   *Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
  * Reproductive health

Genetics and evolution

  * Principles of inheritance and variations
  * Molecular basis os inheritance 
  * Evolution

Biology and human welfare

 *  Human health and disease
 * Strategies for enhancement in food production
 * Microbes in human welfare

Biotechnology and populations

  *Organisms and populations
  *Biodeversity and conservation
  *Environmental issues.

Trueman’s Book Buy Link

The various links are given below to buy Trueman’s elementary book. You can buy from amazon, flipcart etc..
Before buying this book it is importan to know the price of the book. The two sets i.g vol 1 and vol 2 costs Rs. 1500.

Buy from here– vol 1

Buy from here – vol 2

Download link

To download  trueman biology pdf, click the download button below

Download trueman biology vol 1

Download trueman biology vol 2

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