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JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry By Sudarshan Guha – Free PDF

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Download JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry By Sudarshan Guha free PDF Book: In this post you will be able to download the free PDF copy of JD Lee concise inorganic chemistry book 4th edition for IIT JEE mains and advanced written by Sudarshan Guha(M. Tech. IIT Kanpur) and published by Wiley Publications. This book is a breakthrough in your preparation and it is the high quality original PDF. So, read this post to get the download link.

Concise inorganic chemistry by JD Lee is a book widely used by students preparing for IITJEE as the most comprehensive and authentic text for understanding inorganic chemistry. 
The purpose of adaptation of this book is to provide a complete textbook of inorganic chemistry that covers the entire syllabus of JEE mains and advanced in proper sequence of topics and provides in-depth explanation of topics.
The use of book should give confidence to students to apply their knowledge to problem solving and attempting JEE.

What’s new in 4th edition?

In this new 4th edition, major changes have been made in the Chapter 8: Hydrogen, where the concept of hydrogen bonding is now explained with specific examples relevant to IITJEE.
Chapter 9: The s-block elements has been made more concise with more focus on topics required from JEE perspective. 
Major changes have been made in chapter 10: The p-block elements, it is now divided into six separate parts as group 13, group 14, group 15, group 16, group 17 and group 18 elements. Each part is followed by a separate set of exercises for that particular group. 
Miscellaneous questions based on multiple concepts have been placed at the end of the chapter. 
Apart from this new questions have been included in the exercises at the end of most of the chapters.

Chapters included in it

  1. Structure of atom
  2. Periodic table and periodicity
  3. Chemical bonding
  4. Hydrolysis
  5. Coordination compounds
  6. Metallurgy
  7. Qualitative salt analysis
  8. Hydrogen and their hydrides
  9. The S-block elements
  10. The p-block elements
  11. The d-block elements
  12. The f-block elements

Notes information

Name- JD Lee concise inorganic chemistry
Published By- Wiley Publications
Adapted By- Sudarshan Guha
No. Of pages- 718
Total chapters- 12
Language- English
File size- 20 MB
Saved On- Google Drive
Ratings- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Download link

To download the free high quality original PDF of JD Lee concise Inorganic Chemistry by Sudarshan Guha for IIT JEE mains and advance please click the given Google Drive link below-

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