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Allen CROP – Concise Revision Of Physics – Free PDF Download | With Solutions

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Hello buddy! 

This post is going to be very useful for you as because in this post, I have given the hyperlink to download the PDF of Allen’s CROP (popularly known as Concise Revision Of Physics). You’ll be pleased to know that this PDF is going to be very helpful in your NEET 2021 examination. 

As you can see above in the thumbnail, this is the Allen’s Physics CROP. It is considered as one the major tool to make Physics stronger in a very short period of time.

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The book which I am going to provide you is actually an original copy which is rare to find on internet. It is neither scanned not xeroxed in anyway.
Allen’s CROP for NEET 2021 consisits of whole syllabus of Physics for class 11,12. It consists of 40-80 selected questions from each and every chapter of physics which will help you to do better in your examination as because it will keep you engaged in solving physics problems and will somehow develop your approach.

This is the index page of Allen’s CROP. Very concisely, you can revise your Physics before examination through this book. So, never miss the chance to download its PDF free of cost and excel in your NEET 2021 examination.

The best part of this book is that, a detailed solution for every question is also given at the back of the PDF from where you can refer your problems and without the help of teacher you can solve all the problem. It will somehow boost your confidence for upcoming NEET examination.

This is the snapshot of one of its chapter- Kinematics. See, how beautifully well to do questions are given in it. You will find each and every question broadening your logics needed to crack Physics. Once you will start reading this book, surely you will find it interesting as because Allen’s materials are prepared by their expert faculties who are either doctors or engineeres, So I have presented you one of the best study materials for Your NEET 2021.

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Now, we will be exploring some of the details of this very book. This book is a very light as the file size is just 4 MB. You will be getting an original PDF of it which can be printed easily and will enhance the reading experience.

Page Contents

Notes Information

Name- Allen’s Physics CROP
For Class- 11th and 12th
Exams Covered- NEET,AIIMS & Boards
Published by- Allen Career Institute Kota
Language- English medium
File size- 4 MB
No. Of pages- 239
Solutions- Given at the end of PDF
Quality- Original PDF
Saved on- Google Drive

Download Link- 

To download Allen’s Physics CROP book for NEET 2021 please click the given google drive link below:-
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