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Biological Classification Handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Mam

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This post will deal you with the link to download Chapter 2 ‘Biological classification’ handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore.

Dear friends,
Unit Diversity is considered as one of the the toughest chapters of Class 11th Biology.
Many aspirants were regularly sending me 
lots of mail to upload the notes of Biological Classification.
Since, It was a long chapter so, it took some time to get prepared. 
Now it is ready, and today I will be sharing you the hyperlink to download the handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore pertaining to chapter Biological classification.

Also download:- Allen Biology NEET Modules High quality original pdf chaperwise

Following topics are included in this notes:-
1. Introduction
2. Whittaker’s 5 kingdom classification
3. Kingdom Monera
4. Gram positive & gram negative bacteria
5. Respiration in bacteria
6. Mode of Nutrition in bacteria
7. Mode of Reproduction in bacteria
8. Cyanobacteria(BGA)
9. Archaebacteria
10. Economic importance of bacteria
11. Mycoplasma, virus, viroids, prions, lichens
12. Kingdom protista
13. Algae
14. Photosynthesis protists (crysophyta)
15. Diatoms
16. Vegetative reproduction in diatoms
17. Sexual reproduction in diatoms
18. Pyrophyta (Fire Algae)
19. Dinoflagellates
20. Euglenophyta
21. Reproduction in Euglena
22. Protozoan Protists (Animal like protist)
23. Zooflagellata
24. Trypanosoma gambiens
25. Leshmania Donovani
26. Trichonympha
27. Giardia intestinalis
28. Trichomonas Vaginalis
29. Sarcodina
30. Amoeba Proteus
31. Aulocantha
32. Pelomyxa
33. Entamoeba Histolytica
34. Entamoeba Gingivalis
35. Sporozoa
36. Plasmodium
37. Ciliata
38. Paramoecium
39. Saprophytics protists (slime moulds)
40. Kingdom Fungi
41. Zygomycetes
42. Rhizopus stalonifer
43. Sexual reproduction in Rhizopus
44. Ascomycetes
45. Yeast
46. Lifecycle of yeast
47. Penicillium
48. Basidiomycetes Introduction
49. Agaricus
50. Lifecycle of Agaricus
51. Deuteromycetes
52. Fungi, Lichens, Mycorrhiza

Notes Information

Chapter- Biological Classification
Unit- Diversity
Class- 11th
Exams Covered- NEET & AIIMS
Written By- Rakesh Gupta
From- Youtube Lectures of Neela Bakore
No. of lectures covered- 36
Size of PDF- 5 MB
Saved on- Google Drive

Download from the given google drive link below:-

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