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Cell: The Unit Of Life Handwritten Notes Of Dr. Neela Bakore

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A very warm welcome to all of you.
We are now in the month of February 2021 and it is almost 1 month has passed.
Today is a very special day for all of you because this is the last post for the unit Cell Biology.
Today, I am going to launch  the handwritten notes of Chapter Cell:The Unit of Life by Dr. Neela Bakore mam.
I know you all were waiting for this day very much.
I have got almost 10 emails regarding this. So, I decided to upload it first.
I have already uploaded two chapters of this Cell Biology series by Dr. Neela Bakore mam, namely- Cell division and cell cycle , Biomolecules.
And now I have come up with chapter Cell:The Unit Of Life.
Preview of Ch- Cell:The Unit of Life
Handwritten notes by Dr. Neela Bakore
This is a very long chapter comprising of various diagrams.
Therefore,I would suggest all my brothers and sisters to kindly go through the notes topic by topic.
Every topic will match with Neela Mam’s lecture.
This is a very good note written in a very eye-catching handwriting that will let you revise the concepts very easily.
I would request my fellow beings not to waste much time in writing notes or copying from youtube lectures.
It takes much time to prepare notes.
Just save your time by downloading the handwritten notes from here and your overall focus should be on the learning things and practicing.
Go through NBT lectures as much as you can. And in the remaining time practice your Modules, PYQs.
Download from the given google drive link below-

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