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Trueman’s Biology Rebooster Series Book | Free PDF Download

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Dear Neet aspirants,

I hope you all are doing well in your study. Today I want to share with you a very important Biology practice book for Neet.

I know you all are getting tired by watching more and more number of videos everyday. 

You should be aware that somewhere your practice is lagging behind.

Only watching Neela mam’s lecture and copying, downloading the notes will not help you.

After clarifying your concepts in biology you must adapt yourself to practice MCQs either everyday or regularly after 2 to 3 days.

Trueman's Biology Rebooster specific series Book
Trueman’s Biology Rebooster specific series Book 

For this I have already uploaded chapter wise Allen bio modules where, lots of questions like Beginner’s box, assertion reason, previous year questions answer, AIIMS special are there.

But moving ahead, today I am presenting a new practice book called TRUEMAN’S BIOLOGY REBOOSTER SERIES

This book has only previous year MCQs to brush up your mind. These objective questions will help you to be in a rhythm to fight Neet.

Why I need trueman’s Biology boosters series?

1.This practice book is specially designed for neet aspirants.
2.Adequate amount of questions are given.
3.This PDF is original; not a scanned version.
4.Whole syllabus of class 11th and 12th Biology is covered in it.
5.This practice book will act as DPP.
6.Trueman is a famous brand in biology.
7.It can be easily covered 1 chapter everyday.
8.Answers are also given.
9.Most questions are previous year questions.

How to download ?

Book information

Name – Trueman’s Biology Booster series

PDF size3.6 MB

Number of pages – 272

Exams covered – Neet and AIIMS

Saved on – Google drive

Download Link-

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