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Reproductive Health Handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Mam

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Hello my dear friends,

Today is the concluding day for Unit Reproduction because I’m here to launch the handwritten notes of chapter- Reproductive Health.

Reproductive health by Dr. Neela Bakore

This note has the following topics included in it:-

1. Health, problems, strategies
2. Demography and census
3. Reason for increase in population
4. Methods of Contraception
5. Amniocentesis
6. STDs
7. ARTs

The above topics are written on the basis of youtube lectures of Dr. Neela Bakore mam in a very precise manner such that you won’t have to struggle much in order comprehend it.

First, I would recommend you to watch the lectures of Neela mam then after use this notes.

Please note that never waste your precious time in copying notes from online lectures.

Instead, keep the topics revising frequently by downloading the pdf notes which I am going to provide you.

I have upload the notes of chapter Reproductive Health on google drive.

Please find it below.

Download from the given google drive link below-

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