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Reproduction in Organism Handwritten notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Mam

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Welcome everybody, 

New year is on the head. You all are preparing resolutions for a better study in the next year 2021.

In this regard, I am going to help you better prepare for your NEET examination as today I have come up with the handwritten notes of Chapter- Reproduction in organisms by Dr. Neela Bakore.

Reproduction in Organisms by Dr. Neela Bakore
Reproduction in Organisms by Dr. Neela Bakore

I will be posting all the lesson notes of Unit-Reproduction very soon.  

This notes is solely written on the basis of the youtube lectures of Dr. Neela bakore.
She is a very good teacher and has a very profound knowledge of biology. 

This note is not going to help you only in your NEET examination however B.Sc,KVS PGT, M.Sc, and all other biology related examinations can be craked with this notes.

So in one word the notes I am going to provide you is a “Brahmastra”. 

It is written in a very neat and clean handwriting with each and every topic in accordance with the NBT lectures. 

You keep learning those biology concepts through the online lectures on youtube.

And don’t bother the tension to write it in copy as it will take much time rather you just download these notes from here on this website and keep revising them. 

I bet this is going to be very useful site for your bio preparation.

Download it from the google drive link given below:-

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