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Origin & Evolution Handwritten Notes Of Dr. Neela Bakore mam

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Dear friends,
Hope you all are doing well. From childhood we are experiencing that we are evolving day by day whether it is in terms of physical growth, mental growth or even the marks of NEET!
Origin and evolution by Dr. Neela Bakore mam
Origin and evolution by Dr. Neela Bakore mam

Well I meant that to evolve is our nature. we proceed towards evolution by experiencing some bad and good moments. The day we stop changing ourselves, it directly means we are stopping our growth.
So, Today
in this post I’m going to share with you the handwritten notes of chapter Origin and Evolution by Dr. Neela Bakore mam.
This chapter belong to the Gentetics section of Std. 12th Biology. In this notes you’ll encounter the following topics:-
1. Theories of origin of life
2. Chemogentic theory or modern theory of evolution.
3. Urey-Miller experiment
4. Evidences of evolution
5. Geological timescale
6. Phylogenetic leneage of horse
7. Theories of evolution
8. Lamarkism
9. Drawin’s theory of Natural selection
10. Mutation theory of evolution
11. Neo-Darwinism
12.  Examples of natural selection
13. Types of natural selection
14. Artifical selection
15. Population gentics and Hardy weinberg principle
16. Speciation
17. Role of reproductive isolation in speciation
18. Human evolution
This note is prepared in a very good handwriting and has a crystal clear scanning for a better reading experience.
I would like to mention here that you will find this note very useful as it is prepared in accordance with the youtube lectures of Neela Bakore.
For your convenience, I’m presenting these notes so that you would be able to save your time of writing notes. You just keep on learing things better through lecture and periodically revise them through this digital notes.
Notes info

Chapter- Origin and evolution
Class- 12th
Unit- Genetics
Written by- Rakesh Gupta
From- Youtube lectures of Neela Bakore Tutorials.
No.of pages- 
PDF size-
Exams covered- NEET, AIIMS

Download from the given google drive link below:-

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