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Excretion and Osmoregulation Handwritten Notes of Dr. Neela Bakore Ma’m

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After a long time I am writing this post because I was too busy these days.
Many students were demanding me to upload the notes of Excretion as this was the last chapter which was left in the section of human physiology.
Considering their requests, I have prepared the PDF file of the chapter Excretion.
So, today I am lauching the handwritten notes of chapter excretion by Dr. Neela Bakore ma’m which is written in a very good handwriting as well as well labelled diagrams are also present.
For your kind information these notes are exactly the sane written piece of knowledge which Neela ma’m has shared with the students in her youtube lectures.
I have prepared these notes for your convenience so that your valuable time may not go invain in writting those notes from online lectures. It takes much time to pen down the points which ma’m teaches in her lecture. So to save you time here i am presenting the PDF files of excretion.
This PDF is only meant for your smooth revision. Those who are not able to buy the hard copies from Amazon, they must download it now!
Download from the below google drive link :-

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