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Allen NEET Bio Modules [Class 12] latest edition 2019-20 Free Download

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Dear Medicos, 
Allen is a very well known name for you. Their study materials are such a finest combination of concepts, diagrams, beginners box, previous year questions and assertion reason that once you will go through it .. you will surely love it. 
Since they are very big institutions. So they sell their study materials at a very high price costing you around Rs. 15,000. Most of the Biology students are unable to see even the face of the those study materials. 
Considering their requests, I have come up with soft copy of allen class 12th Bio modules.
In this post you are going to have the links to download Allen Bio modules of class 12th in high quality. This is really going to be breakthrough as it will boost you preparation level. 
All the Bio modules have been arranged in a tabular form which is exactly chaperwise as it is in ncert. The respective links are also there from which you can open it in google drive. 
Chapter  Name   Link
1 Reproduction in organisms Download
2 Sexual reproduction in flowering plants Download
3 Human Reproduction Download
4 Reproductive Health Download


Chapter  Name  Link
5 Principles of Inheritance & variation Download

6 Molecular Basis of Inheritance Download
7 Evolution Download
Chapter  Name  Link
8 Human Health & Diseases Download
9 Strategies for enhancement in food production Download
10 Microbes in Human welfare Download

Chapter  Name  Link
11 Biotechnology: Principles & processes Download
12 Biotechnology & its application Download

Chapter  Name  Link
13 Organisms & population Download

14 Ecosystem Download
15 Biodiversity & Conservation Download
16 Environmental Issues Download

Please note that chaper 14,15,16 are combined in the same modules.

Have a nice download.

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