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Diversity In The Living World – Dr. Neela Bokore’s Free Handwritten Notes

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A very warm welcome to all the visitors. Put a smile on your face because today i am going to share with you the free handwritten pdf notes of ch-1 Diversity in the living world by Dr. Neela Bakore mam.
These notes are written line by line in accordance with the youtube lectures of Dr. Neela Bakore mam.
A preview of the 1st page is posted below.
Before downloading the free pdf you must go through all the lectures of ch-1 only then the whole notes would be easy to understand. 

This pdf Contains following topics :-

  1. What is Living – Here you will know about the defining property of living things eg. Growth, reproduction, movement, response to stimuli, metabolism etc.
  2. Binomial System of Nomenclature– As this system was given by Linnaeus which is still a universally accepted system of nomenclature by ICBN/ICZN. We’ll deal with the various rules (6 rules) while writing the binomial names of organisms and plants.
  3. Trinominal system of nomenclature– This system is acceptable only in case of animals not plants. Generally it is found that geneus and species name are same in trinomial system. Hence they are refered as Tautonyms.
  4. Taxonomy, Systematics – Taxonomy is the indentification, nomenclature & classification of organism while systematics establish a evolutionary relationship between them. All those organisms are categoried in various levels called taxon.
  5. Taxonomic Hierarchy – we will see the arrangement of various taxons in an orderly manner dealing one by one in details about kingdom, phylum, class ,order, family, genus, species.
  6. Taxonomic Aids – Botanical Gardens – A bundle of Interesting facts about Indian Botanical Garden, Royal Botanical Garden and National Botanical Garden.
  7. Taxonomic Aids – Herbarium, Museums and Zoos – There are many things that aids in the indentification and naming of organisms. Museum is the place where fossils, skeleton is preserved while zoos are the places of recreation where endangered species are protected. Whereas herbarium is a collection of dried, pressed and mounted plants.
  8. Taxonomic Aids – Key, Manuals, Flora, Monograph – Key helps in giving us the clue to put the organisms in various level of taxons by the help of couplet and lead. Manuals are a detailed information on just one species. Monograph is the study of only one taxa.
You can read the full Pdf on google drive. 
Download link is given below-

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  1. The notes were actually prepared for excretion. But I lost it somehow. So, I would like to request you to please write it by own because I am too busy these days. It will take much time.Sorry for the inconvenience dear.


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